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RBT (International) has exhibited, handled, judged, bred, owned & adored dogs for over 40 years

RBT (International) have photographed it, researched it & written about it. Our expertise is available to help illustrate your article, magazine advertisement, study wall or record book. We have real knowledge in the British & Irish Dogs known as the Heritage Breeds having owned some of them and being considered by many fellow fanciers the leading experts in the world on Glen of Imaal Terriers.

RBT (International) is happy to supply photographs either digitally or via that old fashioned method known as printing. Files can be provided in any desired size and likewise prints can be done to your requirements.

We will deal direct with any of the dog papers or magazines so all you will have to deal with is approving the copy....and paying the bill. Likewise we are happy to provide material for breed yearbooks or specialist one-off advertising and will deal direct with the editor or advertising staff if you so wish

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